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JustFit Screen Protectors

Justfit Tracing Screen Protectors

We think your difficulties in advance.

From installation to after-sales service, all things about.

Even an attachment application that utilizes a packaging box.

Using the tracing method which is In-app attachment Patented-Performance allow you to see how well you've attached

as well as guide attachment.

Download the 'JustFit' app at Appstore.

Premium Glass

Premium Glass Screen Protectors

Our glass screen protectors are so special.

Because it is easy to attach, you can check the purchase history and period of use by yourself.

No matter how good a screen protector is,

it is meaningless without attaching it.

The original 9H of glass and excellent transmittance are basic, and the black bezel is stylishly decorated.

All about Screen Protectors

All things about Installation.

Serious concerns about attachment.

Environmental considerations with jig-free attachment.

Put it on the groove of the patented packaging box and attach it.

Our journey is just the beginning.

Jig tool for installation

Our sophisticated ideas.

Our package boxes are special.

It prevents damage during shipping, serves as a perfect base as an attachment tool for screen protectors.

Plastic-free packaging is design for a better planet environment for future.

Align the images

The future of Screen Protectors

The new User-Experience of screen protectors. 

We apply the tracing method we used to play to the Justfit screen protector.
It's intuitive and fun.

Justfit technology using the tracing method can be applied to screen protectors for any size of devices.

We think the past to the future.

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